Celebrities working with WildAid through conservation efforts - Sir Richard Branson & Yao Ming

Richard Branson speaks out again Rhino poaching in Africa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijrCLmsQgaI&list=UUPUPiqnkzeYhvbTJJ-cv-vQ). There has been a horrific increase in poaching of rhinos in South Africa. Prior to 2006, illegal killing of rhinos was being maintained at consistently low levels. Since 2008, rhino poaching in South Africa has skyrocketed year on year, culminating in a total of 448 rhinos killed in 2011. The face of rhino poaching has also changed, with trusted wildlife industry professionals adding to the ranks of the more traditional poaching demographic. Unfortunately, there is no indication that the rhino poaching crisis is coming under control, as rhino deaths continue apace despite the government responses to combat poaching, including the deployment of Army personnel along the border between KRUGER NATIONAL PARK and Mozambique.

Most of the Rhino horns are being exported to Asia, as it is believe to have medicinal powers, which could not be further form the truth!! In fact, Rhino horn is made from the same material as your finger nails. It is time to educate consumers and put an end to this poaching. The Rhinos of Africa are critically endangered and need to be protected. 

Get involved and learn more #Wordlrhinoday  - Sept 22nd 2014

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