Should we stop eating Fish altogether??

A very interesting and thought provoking article by Oceanographer (and TED Prize winner) Sylvia Earle (TED Talk: My wish: Protect our oceans).

Sylvia presents the idea of giving the Oceans a chance to heal which is critical, but also discusses the concept of choice, and being aware of impacts of what we 'chose' to eat. Primarily we eat animals that eat plants (Cows, pigs, chickens, lamb etc). Eating fish is one choice that we make that is out of the ordinary, as they are not raised to be eaten, but to the contrary play a vital role in supporting the ecosystem that makes up the Ocean, which in-turn provides life for the earth (filtration, oxygen, weather patterns, climate control etc). Offsetting that ecosystem and killing the ocean will have unquantifiable consequences on the rest of the planet. 

Humans choosing a plant based diet is best, but if not, consider only eating animals that eat plants. When last have we served a carnivore at dinner? A lion or an Eagle?  

Its very important that we recognize this balance and stay within our (mankind's) limits.

Please read more in Sylvia's fantastic article: