100% Renewable Energy may not be so Far Fetched after all... at Least not for the Germans.

The Germans are quite often leading the way in technological advancements in the world, but they are doing exceptionally well in the Green energy sector. Whether it be wind energy or solar energy they just seem to be ahead of the rest!

Sure Toronto has ONE windmill down by the waterfront, but what is Canada as a whole doing to move towards renewable energy???? 

The sate of Schleswig-Holstein, in Germany is aiming to hit 100% renewable energy by the end of this year and will continue to generate 300%, 3 times what they need to sell to other parts of the  country.  As a whole, in 2013 renewables met 25% of Germany’s domestic electricity demand. The government has a target of 40-45% by 2025.

It's time to get on board Canada! We have MILLIONS of acres of open windy space where we could be generating renewable wind energy.

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