Help Secure a Living Ocean, Food and Prosperity

Our old friend Paul Martin is trying to do something to help save our Oceans and needs our help. Martin is now the commissioner of the Global Ocean Commission, a body of 18 prominent former politicians and heads of major international organizations who are trying to formulate politically and technically feasible short-, medium- and long-term recommendations to address four key issues facing the high seas:

  • over fishing
  • large-scale loss of habitat and biodiversity
  • the lack of effective management and enforcement
  • deficiencies in high seas governance.

The commission has developed a five year plan, which will cause some economic challenges for many countries in the short term , but will lead to much healthier Oceans which will provide food, fresh air and a healthy planet for years to come. Essentially, the proposition is to impose laws on countries that restrict them from abusing the high seas, where there are currently no regulations against overfishing, dumping waste and plastics, offshore drilling and more. 

This unregulated zone makes up 64% of the Oceans. By protecting this area it will allow for a much larger healthy zone where fish populations can grow, coral reefs can continue to play their vital role in maintaining the Ocean's ecosystems and the environment will be protected from oil spills and poor drilling and exploration practices.

Please read more on Mission Ocean and also sign Paul Martin's petition to save our Oceans!!