All photography provided by Matthew Douglas

Our passion is  to create  natural  yet  powerful and emotional  images  giving  a natural  and  realistic perspective. The world has much to offer and many different ways of seeing it. Only through exploring  and capturing moments can you begin to take it all in. 


What we do

M C Douglas Photography specializes in Intimate Event/Portrait Photography as well as Wildlife and  Landscape Photography. Please get in touch with us for a quote if you are interested in hiring a photographer for your special event.  Also, a wide variety of images are available for purchase or publication by request. M C Douglas Photography's photos and articles have been featured in magazines such as "Wildlife Photographic Magazine", which can be found in the iTunes store.


Matthew Douglas is an aerospace engineer with a passion for photography.

His day job takes him all around the world, allowing Matt to visit and photograph some of the most remote destinations on the planet. As an enthusiastic traveller and professional photographer Matt has already captured images in locations such as Uganda/Rwanda, Brazil’s Pantanal, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands and Sumatran Rainforest, as well as the southernmost tip of the Americas Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina.

Despite having visited some of the most beautiful places in the world, Matt continues to search for opportunities to be in the wild. He is also an advanced open water scuba diver allowing him to capture photos and videos of the majestic underwater world few experience. 

"Leave only footsteps, take only pictures, kill nothing but time...."