Capturing the Intimacy of your Special Moments.... 

Whether you are looking for a creative engagement shoot, updating your professional profile pictures or documenting any special day in your life, we will be thrilled to discuss the opportunity with you and do our very best to ensure that together, we build lasting memories! 

Your special day, whether it be your engagement party, your new born's baptism, or the big day of your wedding, will be remembered by the moments and events which surround them. Capturing the intimate emotions and expressions of such occasions will allow you to cherish those memories for a lifetime. 

At MCDouglas Photography, we try to embrace the joy and excitement of such occasions through stunning imagery which will provide you with lasting memories and stories to tell your friends and families for years to come.  

We specialize in smaller photoshoots, where intimacy is best captured. Having a professional photography team can be critical to the flow of your event. As your photographer, we will aid in organizing groups and individuals alike to to get the beautiful shots and essential moments you are looking for. 

We firmly believe in building strong working relationships with our clients  so that we can fully understand your needs and be as flexible as possible to ensure your big day or event is a success!